The Best Thing That Happened To Me In 2012 … So Far

And it comes in a jar.

It’s a butter … that is made out of …. Wait for it … waiiiit for it … COOKIES!!!!!

It’s Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter.

Heaven in a jar

Who thinks these things up? How crazy is that? Someone sat there and thought, hmmmm, I am going to take some cookies, ground them up and make them into butter because hey, life NEEDS spreadable cookies.

To the person who invented cookie butter, will you marry me?

It is sooo delicious it’s not even funny.



4 Responses

  1. […] 7aki re-emerges from her blog hiatus with yet another thing I can’t have. My waistline thanks God for what we […]

  2. SHU ZAKI. Oh my. I linked this, and am so glad it hasn’t hit the stories here. @@

  3. Please let me know where in Dubai is TJ Speculoos Cookie Butter available? Is it available in groceries?

  4. I don’t live in Dubai so I don’t know if they have it 🙂

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