About me

I am a Jordanian/Palestinian/Canadian living in Canada. A happily married wife, a Mommy that works in IT.

I used to like adventure; so if you have seen someone jumping off a plane or dive in the sea or take a dip in zero temperature water then it’s most probably it was me.

Not too much adventure now though because life is busy and I am a mom and they tell me Mommy’s need to be responsible.

I like to read…for real, I read A LOT . On average I read 4 books a month.

I like to blog, it is so entertaining to blog and I get to chronicle my life and thoughts, all those thoughts that might just disappear if I don’t write them down.

I am mostly still “work in progress”.

Enjoy the blog!


22 Responses

  1. Hello!
    I don’t mean to disturb but I was
    looking for something and somehow I found your blog and I decide to write to you. I was trying to find some Jordanian music so I wondering could U send me some…Love theme. I was in Love with Jordanian man so I would like to have something arabic to remember those times.
    Thank U in advance!
    Best regards

  2. in my defense i didn’t know about this page! so you have to forgive me!

  3. Mazz, it’s ok man I forgive you 😛

  4. just say (u) great Arab women …!!! Alla7 yehfazk

  5. What a mixture of three countries with different cultures and life styles…I read what you wrote about yourself which made me believe that you have different thoughts and concepts about life….why do I fee I know you??….keep on the good work..!!

  6. Hey 7aki,

    I was wondering if you got the questions of the interview with casualPR?

  7. i was looking for a new documentary film by an english dirctor, the film is “the battle for hadetha”, and google show up such a result.

    i am glad to view your blog, i got mix of feelings,
    your question to name five greatest jordanians got my attention, although i know the history of jordan very well, but i couldn’t name a single person. i considered the persons who were nominated are just normal and has no big influence on ppl’s life.

    I am realy glad to view this blog
    wish you success

    ahh do you have idea where i can find the film, I live in montreal-canada

  8. abdesalam: The reason why I posted that post is because I could not for the life of me come up with any names.

    I am sorry i have no idea where that film could be, never heard of it.

    Welcome to the blog 😀

  9. Hi there,
    great blog.
    we would love to include a link of your blog from our website, wondering f you have any banners/buttons.

    sorry for asking n this comment, we couldnt fnd your contact link.

    should you be interested, feel free to reply to the email address provided.

  10. I love your blog. You should check out mine sometime. If you want me to put a link to your blog on my blog let me know

  11. Hi, i was looking for blogs about palestine, and i find yours….and I find it very interesting, You look too much similar to me.

    I am a Jordanian/Palestinian/Brazilian/ living in Brazil. I have children also, and I am a dr. in psychologist and hypnosis.

    I like all kind of adventure also like you ….
    Well i have two blogs take a look ….
    and u have my e-mail so u can add me if you want

    Have a nice day

  12. Hi Fatima, Thanks for dropping by, I will definitly check out your blog.
    Have a nice day.

  13. Funny, I typed my name, Fadi, on Google search and got this. 🙂

  14. I’m so glad to have stumbled upon this blog via AndFarAway links. Keep up the great work!

  15. Been reading through your archives, and I love your blog 🙂

    Would you like to exchange links with mine?

  16. I would love to! I went through your posts and I already added you to my RSS reader. I will also add you to the blogs I follow page 🙂 .

  17. 7aki,
    I really enjoy your blog and its’ tone. I’m setting up my 2 website, but I do most of my work on my blog, still getting a feel for things.
    I checked out your booklist, and I wanted to recommend something a little different: Kenzaboro Oe, The Pitch Runner Memorandum, or Teach Us to Outgrow our Madness. The former was the Nobel Prize winner in 1994. It’s very moving, esp. if you have children.
    I’ll be on your email list to keep up with your gang. If you need to contact me, use email; the website on wordpress isn’t done. Sweet tides,

  18. Love your name, too!

  19. scribadiva: Thanks for the recommendations and your kind words. I am looking forward to reading your blog 🙂 .

  20. Hi
    I ran across your blog by chance but what astonished me was your nickname. I used to have the same nick in chats when I was younger. It brought back great memories.

  21. Welcome ot the blog the old 7aki Fadi me 🙂 .

  22. Hello! I am doing some research on the customs in Jordan for one of my classes this semester. I would love to get your perspective. If you’re willing to do so, please email me: blacknwhitekeyz88@yahoo.com.



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