Bloggers Book Club

Reading is so much fun. But what’s better than reading? Reading with people.

A bunch of bloggers formed a book club where we discuss the books and talk about what we think, so come here and see what the books are all about or better still, join us! It’s very casual and easy going and a lot of fun.

And if you don’t like reading, hey, did you think about getting it on tape or CD or IPod or whatever? I hear traffic is awful these days 😀 .


Currently Reading:

The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger . Check out the book club discussion


Book Discussions :

  • 1984 by Gerorge Orwell on Hamza’s Blog
  • Shadow of the wind on this blog
  • Shadow of the wind on Asooms Blog
  • Love in the time of Cholera on this blog
  • Love in the time of Cholera on Hamza’s blog
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    What’s next:

  • Reading Lolita in Tehran
  • The Pilars of the Earth
  • ______________________________________

  • News 2
  • News 1
  • ______________________________________
    Bloggers book club members:

  • 7aki Fadi
  • Asoom
  • An Archaeology of Landscape
  • Hamza
  • Hayat
  • KJ
  • Sams Home Away
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    20 Responses

    1. Oh cool we get our own tab! thanks 7aki.

      There’s actually a handful of other people that expressed interested in getting the next book with us-I’ll follow up with them and see what’s up.

    2. Count me in the book club. I already read Shadow of the Wind, so until you guys finish it I will be reading Brave New World.

    3. Asoom: Cool! Let me know and I’ll add them

      KJ: WOOHOOOOOOOO, I’ll add your name right now.

    4. […] Bloggers Book Club […]

    5. W ana W ana W ana..

      Life is In too..
      I Got the 1984 🙂

    6. Heeeey, Great I’ll add your name right now.

    7. 7aki we started 1984:

      One of the readers suggested we start a separate blog for the book club, not a bad idea, what do youthink?

    8. You can create a blog if you like, I personally don’t have the time or energy to maintain another blog :). Whether we create a blog or not I will still maintain this page

    9. I know you’re a busy woman 7aki-I was more getting your opinion and not trying to enlist enlist your efforts 🙂

      I guess I’ll see how it goes with 1984 and ask the other readers what they think.

    10. Hehe Asoom, I know you didn’t want to enlist my efforts, I am just saying that be ready to dedicate time for the blog 🙂 .

      Let Hamza do it, LOL.

    11. *pinches 7aki*

      ikhrasi..Don’t suggest anything. Asoom fad7atni coz I ddin’t post about the book discussion this monday…oh speaking of that, let me do it

    12. ooooh Hamza, ikhrasi is not a very nice word to say, but I know you didn’t mean it in a bad way so I forgive you .

      Good post by the way about 1984, I will link it

    13. […] Bloggers Book Club […]

    14. 7aram 3aleiki..What are you doing to me? I am still not married and the “time traveler’s wife” is totaly inappropriate for me.80 pages and 7 chapters talking about miscarriages. And the sexual God…each time I read it I get an erection..

      mosh tabe3eee.

    15. Hamza: I would consider moving out of Saudi Arabia, just a thought.

    16. It must be really nice being part of a book club 🙂

    17. This book club is not in action. We were only three active members and they are too busy to read.

      One member was too slow, it took him AGES to finish books, but we still love him…hehehe
      The other member got into med school and she’s pretty busy with school books.
      All the other members never participated. So they are more like honorary members. LOL

      How about you and me re launch this book club and maybe when people see us participating they will be encouraged to join?

      Maybe you have blog friends that would like to join too?

      The way we did it is every book discussion is hosted at a blog, so we take turns in hosting the discussion. Then I link to all the discussions on this page.

    18. Unfortunately, none of my friends are bookish. It is why I eventually resorted to book blogging and finding some sort of virtual community 🙂

    19. I suggest u read Percy Jackson and the Olympians series…. or The Hunger Games … btw I’m reading now Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel..

    20. Thanks iJBrTeam! I have the hunger games but I haven’t started reading them yet, I am looking forward to it though :)!

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