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  1. IT IS KJ NOT JK!!! *dies*

  2. HAHAHAHA KJ, sorry it was a typo *7aki runs to fix it*

  3. You don’t read my blog? 😦

  4. lol bakkouz: of course I read your blog!
    You are on my RSS feed, but hey , you don’t read my blog either 😦 .

  5. WHAT!! LIES! I DO SO !!
    I’m here aren’t i?
    reading… reading… 😯

  6. HAHAHA, that emoticon always cracks me up!

  7. hey.. how do you do this emoticon?

  8. LOL sister HAHAHAAHHA fa2a3teeny min ildu7uk
    you do an 8 and then a capital O


  9. 😯
    glad i made you laugh

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  11. 😯

    HAHA I just had to try it

    move along

  12. Farah: HAHAHAHAAHHA. ta7sheeeeesh.

  13. Why am I not here ?! Why 7aki Why ?!
    Why ?!
    Seriously like why am I not here ?! Am I not that “cool” to be on your blogroll.
    Do I have to blog about chocolate and baby gums to be on your blogroll.
    Honestly, I’m flabbergasted that me and the missus’ blog is not here.
    *Hpmh* Storms off leaving a chocolate wrapper to slowly float down to the ground.

  14. shmal: HAHAHAHA. ta7sheeeeeesh. You should write a petition and get it signed by a number of people and then I will consider it. LOOOOOOL

  15. OKAYYYYY, I just signed it, I think 2 is enough :p, now add us…NOWWW 😀

  16. yallah 3eeshoo, I added it. hehe

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