Ammani Loot

So so so, my sister arrived from Amman yesterday and brought me some loot:

Some fun stuff from Jo Bedu:

Lazga indeed!

I just died and went to heaven…

I am dead!

Bisset shaware3…


And the most thing I am excited about…

He even signed it for me!!!!!

Thanks a lot Arab Observer, I can’t wait to read it!!!!

And that concludes my post about …can’t finish, going to eat ba2lawa!!!!!!


عرمرم Aramram

Aramram is the first Interent TV channel that is brodacst , or hosted, from Amman, Jordan.

I love it.

The clips are great. It’s Done by young people for young people and it covers so many topics that are not covered by the main stream media in general.

Sometimes it’ funny, sometimes it’s inspiring and it’s always creative.

What I love the most about it is that it’s in Arabic which makes it for our Arab youth, makes the message reach everyone not just a certain segment in Jordan and the Arab world.

What a great site and a great job. I hope it continues and does not fade with time.

Keep up the good work guys!

Here’s the link. GO WATCH IT. It’s an order.


7amleh Guide for Imbeciles

Somebody on the blogosphere has blasphemed (via twitter) and asked me ” What is 7amleh? Do you mean la7meh?”

Where I promptly replied: @Imbecile no I mean 7amleh. Don’t tell me you have never had 7amleh!!!!! OMG someone has to feed Imbecile 7amleh.

And he asked me to : “Put the recipe on my blog


For those who don’t know what 7amleh is , it’s fire roasted raw chickpeas still in their shell. It has the most amazing nutty flavor.

7amleh is sold in the summer at every street corner in Amman, it’s usually sold by the bunch.

It's raw fire roasted chickpeas

It's raw fire roasted chickpeas

To eat 7amleh you have to unshell it and eat the chickpea inside.

The best thing about eating 7amleh is how your fingers turn black because you can’t and won’t stop eating them until you eat a whole bunch if not more.

Yummmooooo I NEEEEEEED some.

OH MY GOD!!!!!! I JUST HAD A REVELATION. My sister is coming to visit in 10 days and I am SOOOOOOOOOO gonna ask her to bring me some .

I just hope they don’t apprehend her at the airport if they do a luggage check. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

A Future Glimpse: Jordanian Blogsphere Post Topics in Ramadan.

Here is a glimpse into the future to what the topics will be like on the Jordanian blog sphere during the holy month of Ramadan:

– Someone will complain that the people just fast and do nothing else like be angry and gossip and what not.

– Someone will complain:  OMG why can’t people leave me the hell alone if I don’t want to fast? It’s a personal choice.

– Someone will complain about people wasting so much food in Ramadan , since when is Ramadan about eating? It’s about sacrifice and worshiping God.

– Someone will post Abu mahjoob caricature either protesting the prices in Ramadan, the gluttony of the people, or the state of the workforce during Ramadan.

– Someone will complain: Since when is Ramadan going for argeeleh and playing cards? What about worshiping God?

– Someone will post pictures of food (heheheh that would be actually welcome)

– Someone will complain about why do we need short hours in Ramadan and how the country goes in a stand still . BUT WHY? why can’t it be just a regular day?

– Someone will post about how people are obsessed with TV in Ramadan and maybe recap the musalsalat that are going on.

– Maioush will say: Il Roz lissa ma istawa. HAHAHAHAHAHA

– Then when Eid comes, someone will protest about the silliness of just visiting someone who was at your house 10 minutes ago and how they’re dying from the sweets and coffee they had to endure and how young couples escape to Aqaba or something.

– The ultimate post where someone will complain about all the above

So this basically covers almost anything that would be said about Ramadan and guess what, it already started.

Ramadan Mubarak Y’all

Sorry Because You Stepped On My Foot.

I love Canadians. Why? Here is a great example:

Yesterday I was waiting to get on the subway, the subway stopped so I stepped back to let somebody out before getting on and I accidentally stepped on someones foot so she said: “Sorry , I was standing too close to you”.

Now, where in any country in the world do you step on someones foot and they would apologize to you? you gotta love Canada.

I can picture this happening in Amman :

A guy steps on another guys foot.

The steppee: Shu had, a3ma inta? ma tfatte7. (Are you blind?)

The stepper : ana asef ya akh. (I am sorry brother)

The steppee: asif? min wain asrefha ana hadi asif. lesh ma btitalla3 2oddamak willa warak. (Are you sorry? From which bank should I cash the sorry? Why aren’t you looking in front of you or behind you? )

The stepper: la 7awala wala quatta illa billah, ya zalameh ma ana 2olet asef. (God have mercy on my soul. Man I said I was sorry!)

The steppee: tab lesh 3am bitsarekh, ya3ni da3aset 3ala ijry w 3am bitsarekh kaman? ( I want to know why you are shouting? You step on my foot and you have the audacity to shout too!!!)

The stepper: ya zalameh sally 3ala ilnabi, ana ma sarrakhet 3aliak, ya fatta7 ya 3aleem 3ala hal sobo7. ( I didn’t shout! What a great way to start the day!)

The steppee: lyakoon mish 3ajbak, 7ases inno mish 3ajbak ya3ni ( It seems you don’t like what I am saying to you, I have a feeling that you don’t)

The stepper: bti3raf, 2ah, mish 3ajibny. ana mish 2asef, roo7 ballet ilba7ar. ( You know what. Yes, I don’t like what you’re saying, and I am not sorry, go tile the sea)

The steppee: tab lesh 3am bitseb. (Why are you swearing at me?)

The stepper: walak inta kinnak 7maaaaaaar. ana ma sabbait. ( Are you a donkey or something? I didn’t swear at you!!!)

The setpee: Ibtid3as 3ala ijry w kaman bitseb 3alaieh. ( You step on my foot and you swear too!)

The stepper: bti3raf, shikly kaman biddi ad3as 3ala rasak. ( You know what, I think I also want to step on your head too.)

And then il toshe bitwalle3 . ( And then a big fight ensues)

LOL, no?

OMG the English translation just CRACKS ME UP. HAHAHAHAAHA.

I Just Want To Buy A Melon!

Decisions Decisions Decisions!

I walk down the isles at the supermarket and I see ten versions of the same product.

You want tissue paper? Well there are many many many items to chose from, 2 ply, 3 ply, with lotion, without lotion, with anti bacterial lotion, with scent, without scent , square box, oval box (yes, oval!) and on and on and on.

How can you fill a whole isle with tissue box products? In Amman they make your life easy, you go to the supermarket and you say: ”Can I have Fine (The tissue paper Name Brand) please?” (By the way are there any other Name Brands in Amman?)

This not only applies to tissue paper, it also applies to anything and everything here in Canada, you want a can of corn? Oh buddy there would be 3 shelves of different kinds of corn.

I have to admit, it needed getting used to when I first got here. I would go shopping for 4 items and end up spending a whole hour just reading labels to decide between do I need this detergent that has those super magical diamond crystals that make your clothes look better on you (heheheh) or just Tide?

But now I love it! There’s something for everyone….

Although I also have to admit that sometimes I just want to buy a melon!

Why was Wasfi Tal Street called “Gardens Street”

OK, I am tired of reading the same question over and over to why the Gardens street was called that.

Myth: It was called gardens because of the greenery.

Fact: There was a place on the street that had a restaurant, a pool a movie dome and some amusement park kind of rides that was called “The gardens”.

The street almost had nothing on it back in the day and “The gardens” was the most prominent place on the street therefor, like many streets in Amman, it got called by its most prominent place.

Another fact: When we were kids the gardens park used to have a monkey in a cage and you were allowed to feed it, so I was so excited to give it some popcorn, every time I extended my hand to give the monkey the popcorn and it extended it’s arm to get it I would withdraw my hand cos I was scared (I think I was KG2 or Grade one at the time) , I did it for like four times, then , all of a sudden and out of the blue the monkey got so frustrated and it slapped me soooooooooo hard on my face, LOL. STUPID UGLY MONKEY, I still hate it still. It hurt like a bitch.

Yeah , so it existed and I was there to “experience” it.

My favorite thing to do there was to watch a movie at the big dome there, wow it was sooo cool, you sit on the floor and the whole dome had the movie playing on all sides and the ceiling, they used to have roller coaster movies and airplane movies, if you laid on your back and watched you would think you were really flying.

At the gardens my sister learned how to swim (or didn’t learn how to swim). Her first swimming lesson? the instructor threw her at the deep end and told my mom: “Relax, her instinct will kick in and she will try hard to swim and maybe she will do it.” HAHAHAHAH . Stupid swimming instructor, are you RETARDED. Well it didn’t work, like DUH. So he had to go in and get her.

This concludes a history lesson in “Why was the gardens street called ‘The gardens Street’ “