Ammani Loot

So so so, my sister arrived from Amman yesterday and brought me some loot:

Some fun stuff from Jo Bedu:

Lazga indeed!

I just died and went to heaven…

I am dead!

Bisset shaware3…


And the most thing I am excited about…

He even signed it for me!!!!!

Thanks a lot Arab Observer, I can’t wait to read it!!!!

And that concludes my post about …can’t finish, going to eat ba2lawa!!!!!!


The Best Thing That Happened To Me In 2012 … So Far

And it comes in a jar.

It’s a butter … that is made out of …. Wait for it … waiiiit for it … COOKIES!!!!!

It’s Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter.

Heaven in a jar

Who thinks these things up? How crazy is that? Someone sat there and thought, hmmmm, I am going to take some cookies, ground them up and make them into butter because hey, life NEEDS spreadable cookies.

To the person who invented cookie butter, will you marry me?

It is sooo delicious it’s not even funny.


What Your Child Should Be Reading: Part 3

It’s been a while since I posted one of these so I think it’s a good time to do that.

My first recommendation today which is good for 3 – 8 year olds is:

1) The Little Miss and The Mr. Men pocket books

These book are a delight, they are enjoyed by both little 7aki who is 7 and little Buddha who is 2.5.

It all started when little 7aki received two of these books as a present;  Little Miss Sunshine who can’t stop being happy and Little Miss Whoops who goes to visit her brother Mr. Bump and the rest was history. Now whenever I get a chance I get 2 or 3 of them at the used book store.

They are cute short reads and they talk about how people are different. You can for sure find one that best describes your kids.

Mine are:

Little Miss Stuborn would be my beoved buddha. Seriuosly stubborn.

… and Little Miss Brave/Naughty would be little 7aki. There is no Little Miss Brave! Not cool.

My second recommendation that is good for 3 – 7 year olds is:

2) The Pout-Pout Fish.

This book is really adorable; it’s about this pout-pout fish that would not smile even when all his friends ask him to until … well you have to read it to find out what turns his frown upside down.

He goes around spreading his dreary-wearies all over the place. Little 7aki loves to read this part.

And he goes blubing all over imaginable surfaces. This is little buddhas favorite; she traces the bluuuuub with her finger while she says it.

Good book, very clever rhyming, my kids love it.

And that’s it for today. Hopefully I won’t take this long for my next kids review.


For more of my kids reviews:

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And for more other books go here


My Favorite Blogs of 2009

I was supposed to do my 2009 favorites in 2009 but what can I say, I can never conform to any deadlines or rules, rules and deadlines are for sissy’s.

So  I am going to do it starting today. And by starting today there could be more on the way, or not.

Today I will tell you about my favorite blogs of 2009:

1) Driven by Curiosity by Madas.  (

Love her subjects. Love her style. Love her writing.

And to top things off she has multi-talents.

Here are some of my picks:

An experience of a girl on the streets of Amman

Inheritance uncles and daughters

Why knowledge of HIV prevention is not about to spread any time soon

Why don’t men break the umbilical cords that attach them to their mothers?

2) Southern Muslimah. (

Once I got hooked on her blog in 2009 she decided to “Exit the stage“. Bummer but I wish her all the best.

I find her style very relate-able and calming, I enjoyed reading her posts.

My picks:

My mind as five star five subject (My answer is yes you can and please do 🙂 )

A poem on Saturday

Gone to the dogs

Pass the fox you angry raisin (Still makes me laugh, hahahaha)

3) Waiter Rant (

Waiter turned blogger turned published author. He has amazing talent when it comes to writing.

I was reading him before he published his first book he was an anonymous blogger who basically ranted about being ,well , a waiter. Pretty interesting and funny stuff. But once he got published and was on Oprah his writing transformed and became much much more. I really enjoy his writing.

My picks:

The Eyes Have It


The Last Face


4) Violence Unsilenced (

This blog is heavy duty. About twice a week a woman shares her story of abuse whether physical, sexual or verbal.

These are the stories of the survivors. I really hope women in similar situations read it and get inspired to do something.

5) 7iber.  (

I love me some citizenship media.

This year 7iber really took off and blossomed. The variety of the subjects , the quality of  stories are pretty remarkable.

My picks:
Abused, Discriminated Against and Labeled as the Enemy

A Legal Framework Against Sexual Violence

Discriminating Law; Legalizing Injustice

مقالة مصورة: داخل مركز إصلاح وتأهيل الموقر


Updated: Here are some honorable mentions:

. The Mom Slant. ( Very well thought out articles (posts) I really enjoy her analysis.

. Girl Gone Child. ( Such poetic writing. She makes motherhood magical.

. Momversations . ( . Here you have a bunch of moms who bring up a subject and talk about it  on camera.  I really enjoy the different points of view and subjects.

What were your favorite blogs of 2009?

عرمرم Aramram

Aramram is the first Interent TV channel that is brodacst , or hosted, from Amman, Jordan.

I love it.

The clips are great. It’s Done by young people for young people and it covers so many topics that are not covered by the main stream media in general.

Sometimes it’ funny, sometimes it’s inspiring and it’s always creative.

What I love the most about it is that it’s in Arabic which makes it for our Arab youth, makes the message reach everyone not just a certain segment in Jordan and the Arab world.

What a great site and a great job. I hope it continues and does not fade with time.

Keep up the good work guys!

Here’s the link. GO WATCH IT. It’s an order.


What Your Child Should Be Reading: Part 2

Todays books are all chapter books geared more towards 5 – 10 year olds or when your child can remember what was read to them the day before and can be excited about what is going to happen next.

1) The first series is the Magic Tree House series:


Travel through time with brother and sister Jack and Annie through a magic tree house. They have a friend called Morgan La fey who gives them missions and riddles to solve, all they have to do is point at the book cover and say “We want to go there” and it takes them to the time period in the book.

These books are fun, educational and promote the imagination. They also build riddle solving skills like looking at the clues provided by Morgan and while reading the book recognizing those clues and solving the riddle.

It has been educational to me too especially the books that are about the Roman and Greek times, they talked about Plato for people PLATO!


2) The second series is the Junie B. Jones Books.


The books are hilarious! Junie B. talks about what goes on in her life and how she is dealing with all those scary new things that are happeningto her , like her first day riding the “Stupid Smelly Bus” she does not like it and she is just too funny!

Very light hearted books that talk about all sorts of things that happen to kids in kindergarten and grade one, like the time a boy invited everyone to his birthday part except for Junie B., also the time when Junie had a Little baby brother .

Lots of emotions and how to deal with them in a very easy going humours way. Reading them makes little 7aki giggle which has been a delight.

Part 1

What Your Child Should Be Reading: Part 1

I LOVE children’s books. Even before I had my little 7aki I was drawn to these books and I loved reading them.

Here are some of my favorite children’s books in no particular order.

They are for different ages, from toddler to Teenager.

1) Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd.


Such a cute book where the little reader gets to say goodnight to everything in the room , from the picture frame to the brush and the comb ,makes for a very good bedtime ritual.

As a bonus, there’s a little mouse that keeps moving around and is in a different spot on every page, it’s a lot of fun for your child to find it.

2) I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak
illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church.


Oh how I LOVE this book. You get to read it to your child and point to everything you love about them, from their head to their toes.

3) Green Eggs and Ham by  Dr. Seuss.


 The rhyming, the illustrations and the suspense while Sam is trying to convince the thing to try the Green Eggs and Ham makes the children listening to the story mesmerised. Does he try them? Does he not?

And because of the rhyming and the word repetition, it’s great for beginner readers.

No wonder it’s the fourth best selling English-language children’s hardcover book of all time.

More recommendations to come.